Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Etobicoke is a former municipality within the western part of the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. First populated by First Nations, and then settled by Europeans in the 1790s, the municipality grew into city status in the 20th century. Several independent villages and towns developed within the area of Etobicoke, including Mimico, only to be later absorbed into Etobicoke during the era of Metro Toronto. Etobicoke itself was dissolved in 1998, when it was amalgamated with other Metro Toronto municipalities into the city of Toronto. Etobicoke is bordered on the south by Lake Ontario, on the east by the Humber River, on the west by Etobicoke Creek, the city of Mississauga and Toronto Pearson International Airport and on the north by Steeles Avenue West.

The name "Etobicoke" is believed to mean "place where the black/wild alders grow," derived from the Mississauga word wadoopikaang (pronounced "wah-do-be-kang"), which described the area between the Etobicoke Creek and the Humber River. which was the original boundary of Toronto, when the land was purchased from the Indians. The first provincial land surveyor called the area "ato-be-coake".

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